Nature in its Self-Correction Mode During Covid-19

By | 8 July 2020 | 898 views

Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, is immensely rich in wildlife and cultivated species, diverse in form and function, but closely integrated with a system through multiple networks of interdependencies. Biodiversity mainly includes vegetation and wildlife, or, in simpler terms, plants, and animals. These plants and animals live together in harmony, governed by the cycles and chains defined by nature itself. We as humans are also an important part of this huge network of dependencies, making us a part of this biodiversity.

Even though we know that destroying this biodiversity will invite more and more trouble for us in the long run, we still continue to kill this gift of nature. We ignore the repercussions of this cruel act only because of the short term benefits. We should not kill animals or cut trees as this will have a staggering effect on the food chain, leading to depletion of life on this planet. We should not disrupt this natural balance and harmony here on this planet. Because if we destroy life, we should be able to face the after-effects, which could be death for mankind. So, we should strive to conserve biodiversity.

However, considering the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we can see that the grey, cloudy skies have become blue again, the rivers from brownish-grey have become crystal clear, all in a matter of weeks. What we see here, is that if given a small amount of time, nature can rectify the wrongs done by mankind on its own. But, when the lockdown will be stopped, we would be back to square one, where pollution rules. We do realize that our activities harm nature and some of us even try to resist and stop this destruction, but these people when compared to the people who just don’t care, the number of people who care is very less.

That’s when nature kicks in. Considering that the COVID-19 virus outbreak was caused due to natural reasons, we can say that nature was fed up with the harm done to itself and decided to take matters into its own hands. It broke out a virus that would not kill humans to a great extent but would be so contagious that they would be forced to stay at their homes. This gave some time to nature to start acting on its restoration. It relieved the air of the many pollutants, cleared the rivers of industrial and domestic effluents, allowed the roads to be spick and span, reduced the levels of noise created by the daily human activities. From these examples, we can know for sure that nature is like a parent figure for humans as it corrects the mistakes done by us.