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CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. He has two YouTube channels. The most popular is CarryMinati which has over 26 million subscribers as of Nov 2020. It is noteworthy that in the Indian numeral system 1 million is 10 lakhs. So 26 million would mean 2 crore and 60 lakhs in the Indian numeral system. The popular global TIME Magazine named him as the ‘Next Generation Leader’ in 2019.

Life & Profile of Ajey Nagar the person behind CarryMinati

Ajey was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad (NCR Delhi). He did his schooling primarily at Delhi Public School Faridabad. Ajey’s passion for YouTube started from the age of 10. Though his main channel came in 2014 with the name of AddictedA1. In his early years, he concentrated on gaming videos and streaming. Sooner he started providing views and roast videos on the channel. In 2017, he created another channel CarryIsLive which was mainly for streaming gaming videos.

In mid-2020, he took on against the Tiktok content creators by roasting them in his channel. This created a wave of followers who downsized the ratings of the Tiktok app.

As of November 2020, CarryMinati has won five Youtube Creator Awards including two Silver Play Buttons (For CarryMinati and CarryisLive), two Golden Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), and a Diamond Play Button for CarryMinati.

In 2019, Time magazine named Ajey Nagar among its Next Generation Leaders, a list of only 10 young people from around the world who are tracing new paths in politics, music, and other spheres. In its profile of the YouTube sensation, the magazine wrote, “India is home to a massive YouTube craze. With about 265 million monthly users, India overtook the US in 2018 to become the country with the biggest YouTube audience in the world. And with his energetic presentation style and Hindi lyrics, Nagar is now one of the most followed YouTubers in India.”

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